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Without the Hateful Rhetoric

Redirecting the Circular Firing Squad

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It is hard to say exactly what authors have influenced my writing. In my early years, I did not read for pleasure. That changed in the 1980s when someone recommended Tom Clancy to me. I enjoyed Clancy’s writing, especially the elements of futuristic warfare technology. I remember when, during the first gulf war, I heard of smart missiles and thought, I read about these in Red Storm Rising! Perhaps it was Clancy who created my desire to delve into new technology as I did with Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote.


My second book will also involve elements of advanced technology. I hope to open readers’ eyes to what technology can do.


I also enjoyed Robert Ludlam's novels. One novel did have an impact yet I don’t even remember the name of the book. The main character was this poor guy who found himself a target for reasons that were unknown to him. Brad Tillman, the protagonist in Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote is also a regular guy who finds himself totally out of his element. I want readers to be able to relate to the characters, thinking ‘Oh my gosh, what would I do in such a situation?’

Lee Child is another favorite. His character, Jack Reacher, is a bit of a regular guy (but with special skills), not looking for trouble but trying to do what is right when he sees victims being persecuted by some form of evil.

There are other contemporary authors that I enjoy reading, including Baldacci, Patterson, and more. Obviously, anytime mystery and thrills are involved, I enjoy it and hope that I can replicate the surprises and emotions that they create with their writing.

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Redirecting the Circular Firing Squad

Jack Meyer is also a fiction writer.  Check out his suspense thriller, Wayward Patriot to be released soon.

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