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New Thriller Novel Explores Futuristic Election Fraud

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

By Jack Gleason

Author Jack Meyer has just released his first novel, “Wayward Patriot, Preserving the Vote,” set in 2027. A new election counting system has been developed that is 100% secure. But when a paper is found in a dead man’s briefcase showing the results of a senatorial special election five days before the actual election occurred, a series of events unfolds that has the reader glued to every page.
Our hero, Brad Tillman, is a completely ordinary accountant who works at the election system company. When he finds the impossible results, he embarks on a harrowing journey to figure out what has happened and who is involved.
Not to be a spoiler, but he and his wife fear for their lives and have to come up with clever ways to stay off the computer grid to avoid the murderer, or murderers. They quickly realize their phones and credit cards are monitored, and their car has been tagged. How can they avoid the killer(s) and figure out how the new, “100% safe” vote-counting system has been compromised?
As a political writer, I had to notice two things. First, when he realizes that his life is in danger, our hero reaches out to the FBI for help. When the investigation reaches a possible conclusion, the Justice Department declares “case solved” in order to “maintain confidence in the election system.” I mourn for the fact that in a similar instance, I doubt that today’s FBI could be relied upon to help our hero.
Second, the couple is able to get cash from their bank account in order to stay off the radar. If the Biden administration has its way, starting in July 2023, with the rollout of the new “FedNow” system and its requirement for a “clear digital identity,” staying off the grid will no longer be possible.
When completely implemented, dollars will no longer be “legal tender for all debts, public and private.” Instead you’ll use your government-issued crypto card for all transactions. Anyone in Brad Tillman’s situation who wants to buy a used car or make purchases that can’t be tracked by the government will be forced to use the card instead. His every purchase will reveal what he bought and where and when he bought it.
If ESG is allowed to continue, every American who buys a conservative publication, or a Donald Trump 2024 t-shirt, can be branded as a domestic terrorist and will run the risk of being an audit target for one of Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents. As “an enemy of the state,” banks won’t lend him money for a new house or a new car, his insurance might be canceled, and his children might be taken away from him. This is on the horizon in starting in 2023, not 2027. I fear that this book is not science-fiction at all, but a present-day fact that our elections, while called “safe and secure” by the captive media and the winners of the elections of 2020 and 2022, are being manipulated at all levels by a cabal of bad actors that include both political parties, criminal enterprises and foreign countries. All efforts to expose the fraud have been stymied by our election officials, prosecutors, and corrupted or compromised judges. When we see election results and voting system errors that could never occur in an honest system, such as machines that break down only in Republican-heavy districts, or more people voted in 2020 than were eligible to vote, we know that our rights as Americans have already been compromised.
Without an honest vote, every American is simply a slave to the government officials placed into office by our new masters.
Meyer’s book is an excellent and exciting adventure, and forces the reader to contemplate a near-future world where elections can be manipulated with the push of a button. We can only hope that our real-world election issues can be dealt with through the hard work of patriots like Kari Lake in Arizona, and the fearless Republican committees in the House.
While I give Mr. Meyer a little grief for thinking the FBI can be trusted, I must commend him for taking action by writing this book. People get their information through different channels, and a thriller book that investigates the idea of election fraud through the eyes of a somewhat liberal-leaning accountant as he realizes something important is being taken from our country might be a new avenue for helping people wake up to the truth about our elections.
Is election fraud futuristic science-fiction, or present day science-fact? Stay tuned.

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