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Thanks for your interest in my new thriller, Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote. Be the first to know when each book in the series is released, hear about dates and locations of related events.

The nation breathes a sigh of relief as a new, entirely secure voting system restores public confidence in election integrity, but when corporate manager Brad Tillman discovers evidence that a vote has been manipulated, his world is turned upside down. Somebody knows what Brad knows, and now he’s a target for murder.

Brad Tillman works as a numbers guy for the cybersecurity firm that developed the new election system. Following the death of his best friend and colleague, he finds evidence that a recent special election has been manipulated and begins to doubt that his friend’s demise was accidental. Suddenly, he finds himself completely out of his element and on the run as he tries to find the truth about who is behind the chaos. He must probe carefully, question his assumptions and sort out the facts from his own biases along the way.


Jim Hahn,
Deputy Chief of Staff for the late Congressman Jim Hagedorn

"Riveting! Jack Meyer's compelling, page-turning tale of collusion and intrigue was mesmerizing in the vein of David Baldacci and John Grisham. Highly recommended!”

Todd Hopkins,
International bestselling author of The Janitor, The Stress Less Business Owner, and Stop Using the “B” Word.

“The book grabbed me from the beginning. Meyer combines action and suspense with a creative yet viable premise that left me wondering, ‘could this really happen?’  I’m looking forward to the next book in the Wayward Patriot Series!”

Marty Ferris,
County Controller in Colorado

“Meyer’s first novel is a page-turning thriller with lots of twists and turns that will have you guessing until the very end. His character development is solid. He provides a balanced view on a divisive topic.”

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Getting Local Recognition

I just found out that I made the news! It's just community news here in Colorado Springs, but you gotta start somewhere, right? And it's not one but four local publications, all along "local-author-makes-good" lines.


The article talked about me as a local author. Many aren’t aware that I grew up in Colorado Springs and lived here until I went off to college when I was 18.  Of course, the articles each included information about my book as well.  


Maybe we should send a complimentary copy to Amazon? 🙂

Author Jack Meyer


Jack Meyer is a retired businessman and author of Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote, a new suspense thriller with a political edge.  The thought of writing a thriller with a backdrop centered around elections came to him in 2000 during the contested presidential election. The TV coverage of election workers staring at dimpled/hanging chads filled the airwaves during the Florida recount and planted the idea for a political thriller in Meyer's mind.  While it references the political divisiveness in the country, it does not push a political agenda.

Jack confesses to be a politics watcher who has written for campaigns and contributed opinion pieces for various online publications so a political backdrop is natural for his debut novel. He develops characters that most people can relate to. They are “everyday” people who become entangled in situations that they could never have imagined. The characters have a variety of political perspectives, but their stories are less about political ideology and more about the shared human experience and the ethical and moral dilemmas that come with a strong desire to do what is best for one’s country. His stories challenge the reader to ask, “Could this really happen?”

Jack and his wife, Barbara, divide their time between their homes in Colorado Springs and Tucson. He stays busy remodeling his homes, playing golf, and writing his next book in the Wayward Patriot series.


Be the first to know when each book in the series is released

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